Medical and Dental Industry

With our wide range of production technology and material options, we offer a digital production supply experience to companies developing products in the Medical & Dental industry.

Accelerate Your Production

Recent technological developments have led to increased innovation in the Medical & Dental sector. From specialized medical devices to medical equipment serving the end user, many new products have hit the market recently and many more are on the way. Xometry Turkey enables these innovative companies to access a wide range of materials and production processes on a single platform.

Xometry Turkey gives you instant manufacturability analysis for your models. You can also get prices for different technologies and materials on the platform and make comparisons. 

Our network has the capacity you need for either prototyping or production. From the wide network of manufacturers registered on the platform, we will match you with the most suitable supplier to produce your models and start production as soon as possible.

You can follow the entire process online with our order tracking system and get support from our team of expert engineers when you need help.

Our Applications in This Industry

Models of Clinical Training and Surgical Equipment
Preoperative Rehearsal Equipment
Special Tool Inserts for Medical Production
Parts and Protective Boxes for Medical Devices
Surgical Instruments and Hand Devices
Implantable Parts
Prosthetic and Orthotic Components
Personal Protective Equipment

Order Process


You can upload your models to the Production Supply Platform and get a price quote for 5 different production methods, dozens of materials and the production quantity you want.


Once you approve the quotation, your project is matched with the most suitable manufacturer and production starts quickly. Throughout the production process, Xometry Turkey engineers take care of the status of your order.


You will be informed by e-mail at every step during the production process. You can follow the process on or contact our sales support engineers.


After your parts have been produced, they are first sent to our production partner and then to Xometry Turkey. passes through the quality control stage in the operation center and is carefully packaged and shipped to you.

Why Xometry Turkey for the Medical and Dental Industry?

Sales Engineer Support

Sales Engineer Support

Xometry Turkey’s expert engineers provide manufacturability analysis support according to your chosen production technology, offer cost reduction suggestions, manage your production throughout the procurement process, and share production updates upon request.

Material Diversity

Material Diversity

We have a comprehensive selection of materials across all of our production methods. You can choose the most suitable materials for your project or you can ask our expert production engineers to help you choose the right materials for your project.

Low Volume Production with High Precision Tolerances

Low Volume Production with High Precision Tolerances

Our CNC machining and industrial 3D printing methods allow us to produce parts with high precision tolerances—even for small quantities.

What Kind of Companies Do We Work With in This Industry?

Medical Device Manufacturers and Suppliers
Biotechnology Companies
Dental Clinics and Laboratories
Medical Product Brands
Surgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturers
Health Technology Initiatives

Xometry Specializes in Sourcing Parts for the Medical and Dental Industry

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